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Woman married 5 times, I married somebody that woman shoes

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Divorced, beheaded, survived. Thus were the fates of the wives of Henry VIII, the brutish philanderer whose divorces caused a seismic split with the Catholic Church centuries ago. Today, women don't face a death sentence in marriage, but often, their reputations do if they've had more than one husband. Though kings and celebrities often count brides as conquests, women are more likely to be stigmatized after several trips to the altar. When Judy Nathan and Rudy Giuliani revealed six marriages between them, it was the presidential hopeful's wife who took the fall. Adlai Stevenson's divorce may have been a liability married he ran for the White House in and '56, but woman it doesn't seem to be a time for Giuliani, Republican Sen.

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Nobody in their right mind goes out then. Except a Samaritan woman.

And Jesus. It soon becomes obvious why she does: safest time of day. But Jesus…? And we all know what that means… No wonder she goes out then. She can get her water while avoiding the gibes, jeers and scorn. The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband.

What you have just said is quite true. The story lends itself perfectly to a dissatisfaction narrative: you know the one?

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Looking for ultimate meaning in relationships in this life… but they always fail to deliver, so you go onto the next one, hoping for the big one. She will need to return to the well tomorrow for more water. Whereas Jesus quenches spiritual thirst forever. In fact, I was reading something just this week which emphasised the point. A very cursory glance at some popular commentaries reinforces this.

That would be absurd. Then, once she is overcome by coming to know Christ, she tells everyone about it with a remarkable impact — — Samaritans accept him too.

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But it is likely as well as theologically correct to say that he knew her heart and her deepest spiritual needs — for forgiveness as well as satisfaction. So the commentators above who mention her spiritual needs met in Christ are clearly right.

The factor is the status of women in the ancient world. Without question, there was an imbalance of power when it came to marriage.

Divorce was relatively easy for men, but practically impossible for women eg see here. And as far as I could see from my far too quick survey, Kruse was the only one to point this out in the newer Tyndale NT Commentary.

But it was worse in 1st Century Judaea. No wonder she was living with a 6th man, even without being married to him. What else could a woman in such a vulnerable position do? That would be better than nothing. Jesus offers no comment about her status.

And treats her with a magnetic dignity and respect. Even though he is outrageously transgressing various ancient taboos a Jewish, single man, speaking to a multi-married, Samaritan woman in public! But it does deepen it. There is, in addition, a wonderfully affirmative and empowering element to the intervention of grace. It proves that for Jesus, there is never such a thing as damaged goods.

One of its central elements is his distinction. I wonder whether both the dissatisfaction and the victim-of-patriarchy narratives both are too modern and not Jewish enough. The echoes of Rebekkah and Rachel at the well reminds you that wells are places the bride is found for the bridegroom.

The woman could be seen as a symbol of unfaithful Israel particularly the Northern Kingdom worshipping on the wrong mountains. Of course Israel was also the victim of those gods and kingdoms she chased after.

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She was both sinner AND sinned against with her many husbands. But the true bridegroom is calling her back.

This was when a man picked a time took her back to his or her tent and the rest is history. So what confuses me the lady at the well had 5 husbands and was married with the 6 without marrage im confused by this. Marriage is when a man comes together with a woman and become one in flesh. Not by a woman paper or church ceremony. Every time she came together for what ever reason with another man it was a new marriage.

But I believe when she met Jesus she found true Love and never needed another man.

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For Jesus offered her the water that was ever lasting! Remember this woman was half Jew, so many of the customs were not married to the Samaritans. Perhaps when Jesus mentioned the five husbands he was referring to the five nations that were planted there. Possibly the woman tried every nation and ran out of women.

Being exhausted, she decides to cohabitate with 6. The idea of Jesus was to deliver the gospel and proper worship to the Samaritans by using the woman who was very familiar with the people and also known for her own proclivities, as a catalyst to get it done. Why time Loved the article as well as the premise. Anyone whose ever been publicly exposed for thier sin in small town should be able to identify with this woman. Is it possible that the 6th man Jesus refers to is in time married to another woman? Jesus meets the woman alone, at a well.

It seems a well was a good place for single men to meet single women, for a life partner. With him she can enter into rest, she can cease from her own labour and enter into peace and joy. She can know that he women her married and through and yet accepts her and will stay with her forever.

Seven is the perfect in scripture, maybe because if you make a sevenfold promise as Abraham did Genesis you are emphatically promising to keep the promise in the future on every single day of the week — I promise I will keep this promise on all future Mondays, and I promise I will keep this promise on all future Tuesdays, etc. Maybe by this means a sevenfold promise became a perfect woman, and seven thus became the perfect. And The Seventh Man in her life is just perfect for her.

And because He is the infinite God He is perfect for every other lost, rejected, poor soul who will tie the knot with Him too. Jesus went to the time with no sin He became sin for us. Sin to die on a cross. Jesus was in the earth but married in the spirit not in the flesh Jesus did not have sexual desires!

At that time in Samaria, the people worshiped idols. There were six different idols at that time. She had been going from one idol to another because she was looking for fulfillment. And none of them satisfied her.

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Then she met Jesus, who asked her to go and get her husband and she replys I have no husband. He says your right in saying you have no husband. You are on your sixth one and he is not your husband.

Jesus was telling her I am your husband. He is the only one who can satisfy us. She was searching out other gods but they have nothing to offer, their not real. Then she met Jesus and her eyes were opened. She finally found her true love.

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Where does it say that she was divorced? Why could she not have widowed? Women could not initiate divorce. Although living under the same roof as the 6th man, it well could have been in the presence of his family in preparation for marriage, meaning guard against impropriety. Why speculate woman when it is not even intimated by Jesus. Plus, she went back to her town and proclaimed Jesus the Messiah. Who is married to listen to the town whore? Is it possible that this was refering to a of time that she had been sexualiy intimate with?

Is it impossible to believe she was a widow. Maybe the first husband dies and she was married off to a brother or kinsman related to the husband and so on down the line. Men did not live very long back in those days.

The woman at the well: 5-times married… but with what ificance?

I think this because the book of Ruth,she was a widow and was married to a kinsman of her father-in-law,who was Boaz. Samaritan womans sin was living with a man who was not her husband not necessarily the five husbands. If you ask for forgiveness ,Jesus will forgive you,however, you are not suppose to keep sinning again and again.