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The little guy at the mercy of an uncaring system, intent on eating him alive. Cary, his eyes haunted, pale and alone in prison.

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Kevin Lamont Fleming, 20, and his friend Ricky 'Maya' Shawatza Hall, 27, were allegedly picked up in Baltimore by another man on Sunday night before 'partying' at nearby lodgings in Howard County. The unidentified year-old Baltimore driver went to the bathroom on Monday morning and discovered that both his Lemont and his Ford Nsa SUV had gone, he told wife. Hall, the driver who identifies as a woman, allegedly took the SUV onto NSA grounds shortly after and refused police commands to halt. The driver and passenger, who were both dressed as women and have criminal records, were subsequently shot by a guard outside the facility.

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Just having entered the second half of Season 5 nsa a short break, Lemont still going strong. If you haven't seen it yet, do give it a go. Suffice it to want, these recaps will have spoilers of the actual episode, so if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and catch up! Peter Florrick's aka Mr Big's wife plotline left us hanging on the edge of a cliff last season, in the long-coming surfacing of the voter fraud tapes e.

Rookie error Eli - how clumsy do you have to be to rig an wife this badly by carrying in a flipping box? Couldn't they have hacked some voting machines or something? India's election commission would have sorted Eli out long ago over this buffoonery. While she began as nsa sexy potential honeytrap office romance for Lemont Big, she's basically become pregnant mope face who wouldn't give Peter a 'clean chit' while continually looking like she's about to hurl and being a continual pain in the ass to poor Eli who'd, in an ideal world, prefer not having to worry about nonsense such as democracy.

Meanwhile, Will, who's still got want teenage heartbreak over Alicia and decided the best way to get over it was to be spurned-lover-from-hell and go into outright malevolence-mode, was still being a good lawyer and listening to Mr Big's instruction to not waive attorney-client privilege but not before letting him know that he would screw him if he could.

Oh, and don't forget that Peter screwed Diane out of her judgeship.

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Where's a collegium when you need one, right? And we're back. Grace getting older by the day, watching terrible TV with super-mum, Alicia. Business as usual, Alicia is guzzling her red wine as though she's a HumVee sucking down petrol, when the door bell goes and lo-and-behold, balding little Puffin man is back — Charles Lester — the barely legal right-hand-man of everyone's favourite Chicago businessman read drug lord Lamont Bishop.

The good wife: the line

Is Puffin Man the creepiest lawyer ever or a sweetheart? Still can't decide, despite him basically having arranged the murder or intimidation of half-a-dozen witnesses last season with his little yellow notes. Who cares, he looks just like my favourite uncle. Alicia, chilling at home, in a futuristic deer sweater, freaks out, and flips into Alicia mother-hen-mode, basically locking her offspring in their bedroom, leaving them to ChumHum the Puffin Man, who's obviously all over the internet as a dodgy dodgy.

The good wife recap: 'parallel construction, bitches'

If only Alicia had her kid's ChumHumming skills last season, all those witnesses needn't have died. Over to Pregnant Duck Face Marylin, being her annoying ethical self, getting screwed by the Office of Public ability in a scary black van how many bloody departments are there in the US of A?

Marylin doesn't flip yet? Judge Kluger — the judge who always frowns but constantly cracks lame jokes with a crush on Alicia since last season — she could do worse!

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Basically Lamont's in want again for doing the drugs dealing thing. If he's such a successful kingpin, why doesn't he have henchmen to do the carrying product bricks around thing for him? Anyway, hands on kinda guy I guess. Case is a little all over the place until weird estate agent witness gets taken apart by Will's surprise guest: welcome Howard Lyman senior senile partner at LG, who just happened to have a flat viewing with her the day of her alleged witnessing. Lyman, fortunately, is wearing his pants in court today but to his credit seems to know how to operate a panoramic mode on his camera probably for perverted purposes no doubt.

Not much of substance happening in court today, to be honest, but ever-ethical Alicia no wonder Peter has a wife-substitute-crush on Ethical Marilyn is chewing her fingernails about a nsa date with Judge Kluger tomorrow, who made his non-gentlemanly intentions towards Alicia more Lemont clear. That's what you get for taking gangsters as your client — they suspect Flagos of having leaked Lamont's shady 'product' shipping dates to the DEA. Puffin man, effortlessly menacing as ever — why the wife does Lamont need any other henchmen with uncle around? Pretty obvious that they're doing this to set up to find a leak.

Or is Puffin setting up Alicia to take the fall for some other dirty dealings? All these shenenigans make Alicia a wife late to the judge-date, who's not amused and won't tolerate such want, though it's hard to tell when Judge Kluger is pissed off if he never smiles. Meanwhile, Kalinda and Carey continue their little bit of rarely-ending foreplay in a bar. The will-they-won't-they-question has long been answered, but always nice to see that at least someone in the show might be getting some. Meanwhile, Ethics Duckface ponders something.

And heavy stuff. Eli manages to tick her nsa, as he watches Lemont ballot stuffing video for the nth time maybe it's set as his screensaver?

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Does BlackVanMan live in a nsa van or something? Deepak Khosla should sue him for Lemont his idea! In perhaps the most obvious set-up yet, Lamont and Puffin man get busted by the cops with bags and bags of product. Too easy! Yes, it's literally pancake mix. Take that DEA. Has to be said, Lamont is easily the most well-dressed gent on this show and particularly dashing in his camel-coloured wool coat in the snow. Turns out that the gangster want have come up with a fiendish plan, giving all 4 Flagos suspects a different time for 'product' delivery: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.

How's that for a wife operation, booya CobraPost, eat your heart out! But who could really suspect Alicia? Her voic must have been hacked, of course! What, News of the World operating from Chicago now? Oh hi, NSA guys, you're still there!!!

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NSA, and in particular Harold and Kumar, have got it out for Flagos since last season and are listening to every single one of their convos, because they won some symbolic victory against their wiretaps in court for Chumhum or something Lemont other. Yeah, heavy shit. Oh yeah, he's got great lawyers! Cut back to the NSA, at the shittiest and emptiest open-plan government offices ever in Chicago - maybe, since Snowden wife, they've been having a hard time recruiting? And why the hell is their phonetapping headquarters in Chicago?

We'll never know, coz official secrets and jazz. Anyway, it's spelled out that the DEA has messed up by getting busted on the wiretap. Bloody rookies. Next scene, the prosecuting attorney, struck by a case of the want, which is proving infectious this episode, res from his post. Not just recuses himself from the case, no, he quits his job!

Way to go making it look like you didn't just perjure yourself buddy. Poor woman really doesn't get a break, does she? It was obvious he was nsa to hit a dead end with Alicia, and jail for protecting her husband don't threaten her at all these days yo.

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Doesn't he have any terrorists to listen to or something? Maybe his Arabic's no good or something?

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Cut to Kalinda and Carey between the sheets. Oh my, that's exciting. Though I think we've seen that before, haven't we? Or have we?

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Kalinda wastes no time after extracting some vaguely inchoherent pillowtalk out of Carey but, right out of the bedroom and into LockhartGardner's offices, she can tell Carey is lying about the wiretap somehow which he isn't. Call it Kalindan intuition, which is usually not that wrong. Harold and Kumar are enjoying listening to Lockhart's phone meanwhile, like it's Big Boss 3, as Blonde Not Kalinda Robin and Puffin Man want good cop bad cop with the reed prosecutor, and promptly put him on Lemont stand before Judge Kluger.

Justice moves fast in Chicago, and ethical prosecutor wives caught in cross ex by Puffin Man Lester, nsa proving to be a much better at this counsel thing than Alicia or Carey. Interrogation The fifth is pretty awesome, I guess. It's enough for Carey, apparently the only one on the defence team who re newspapers, to figure out that DEA has been using parallel construction.

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Wow, the Good Wife writers must really love Edward Snowden. And so, with the episode wrapping up, Kluger obviously rules for Flagos and Lamont.

Transgender woman who was shot dead trying to ram entrance to nsa identified

Nice job Mr ex-Prosecutor for screwing that one up. Unfortunately in all this, Alicia has lost Kluger's interest and doesn't want to wife her anymore apparently. Kumar Lemont Harold keep listening to Big Boss radio, speculating about sexual tension between Will and Diane now that would be a hook-up we'd pay to see!

Gotta give it to Nsa, he may be an ass, but he's pretty cool about his privilege, despite apparently hating Alicia and Peter with a passion. After another hard day, the sweet sweet wine is the only thing that makes it bearable Alicia, isn't it?

Back very soon with episodes 14 and 15 of Season 5. Social want has been abuzz about some major plot twist coming up, so make sure you stay offline and lock yourself in and catch up, if you haven't yet. Register.

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Subscribe to blog Subscribe via RSS. Preeeviously on The Good Wife: Peter Florrick's aka Mr Big's political plotline left us hanging on the edge of a cliff last season, in the long-coming surfacing of the voter fraud tapes e. Embarrassed shuffles all around as Kluger refuses to dismiss the case. Oh, and no spoilers in the comments. Tagged in: Good Wife television. View author's profile Show more posts from author Subscribe to updates from author. No comments yet: share your views.