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When did santana and brittany start dating, Ukrainian did picking brittany When santana

When Glee premiered on May 19,I was

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In case you failed to notice, Brittany chose Sam over Santana. She and Santana are back to being just friends. Santana moved to New York. Have you even read the spoilers for the next few episodes? Clearly, you are delusional. I am here to prove that what happened between our girls tonight is actually the best case scenario as to what we could have hoped for them, given the circumstances.

I am also here to prove that Brittana is always, always on. Before we get started, I would like to acknowledge that Glee is—to put it lightly—problematic. So make no mistakes about it: I do not write this analysis as an apology for or in defense of Glee itself.

Rather, And write this analysis because you, like me, are obviously still involved with Glee, whatever its failings, at least to the degree that you want to read what some over-excitable fangirl with too many feelings and a scholarly background in storytelling thinks about the two cheerleader characters on the show. I'ma do how I do. To that end, I will quote my homegirl and Brittanalyzing partner in crime until the very end, Rochby way of disclaimer see here :.

But within the context of the narrative, I believe that we can argue that Brittana remain brittany solid despite questionable canon. The reason she was terrified was because she had this one person in her life who meant everything to her—a person she loved more than dating or anything else, including her own self, and without whose support and acceptance she knew that she could not go on. For years, the girl had loved this person in secret, but she had been unable to tell the person so, as she feared, amongst when things, rejection. And the girl had been told throughout her whole life that it was wrong and bad and gross and abnormal and a sin for a girl to love another girl.

She had heard so many awful things about people like herself that she had internalized did things, to the point where she feared that she herself was so awful that no one would ever want to be with her—including, and perhaps especially, the beautiful, innocent, perfect start whom she loved. All of that self-doubt and loathing notwithstanding, the girl had eventually mustered her immense courage—for the bravest people are those who have the most to fear but who go forward all the same—and santana to her best friend that she was in love with her.

When her best friend dated some stupid boy instead of the girl, the girl got scared.

The truth was that her best friend did want to be with her—but at the right time, when they were both ready, and when they were both in a start where they could be the best possible versions of their present selves. And so in the meanwhile? The best friend worked as hard as she could, sacrificing her own immediate gratification and happiness, to improve herself and to give the girl the love and support and space that she needed and improve, as well.

When santana we observed a proper Brittana conversation in 4x06, our girls were in limbo following their break up. Brittany when wanted to get back together with Santana, flirting with her and suggesting, both with sugar and with sour, that Santana dating to consider dating her again. With only minor Brittana contact in 4x08—most of which coincided with Unholy Trinity interaction—our next hint about how Brittana feel about one another happened in 4x09, when Sam attempted to initiate a relationship with Brittany, only to have her initially rebuff him.

Suffice it to say that those of us who believe in sneaky! General awfulness of said lines notwithstanding, we can nevertheless still read them as Brittanyisms, being they mean more than just what brittany seem.

Naya rivera said brittany and santana started as a joke

Of course, Santana did the person who Brittany will always love the most and the only one Brittany datings to be with in the end. Even so, Brittany knows that there are different types of love brittany different people and that it is possible to love multiple persons at once, in her own case, if perhaps to varying degrees. After when, she once loved Artie while she was in love with Santana at the same time. Maybe Brittany and do the same with Sam and Santana now, as Santana has in fact intimated to Brittany that it would be fine, or even perhaps good, for Brittany to date other people while Santana is away at school.

And if Brittany could do so without being cruel to Sam—whose feelings and friendship she does value—why the hell not do it? Even so, I know that I am capable of love and that I can be fair to you, Sam. We can have a good time santana. I want to be as happy as I can be now and I think I can do that with you, if you want it, too.

So basically? Brittany is sneaky, but she is also sage.

The future is a ways off, but the present is here, and one ought to make the most of what she has. She still has Santana in her mind and in her heart. In the episode, we never get an answer as to why Brittany withheld her new relationship status from Santana, despite the fact that Santana asks Brittany why she did so straight up. If you believe that Brittany Pierce purposefully withheld her new relationship status from Santana Lopez in an effort to hurt Santana somehow—i. Brittany also has Santana on her mind in 4x Brittany thinks of Santana in 4x11 when she notices Marley pining for Jake with those big, sad puppy eyes from across the choir room.

And do I dating have to tell you about Brittany missing Santana in 4x12? As my main homebird Dodo points out see here :. Brittany S. No one believes in her as much as Brittany does. No one loves Santana Lopez as much as Brittany does. And most of all, no one understands Santana Lopez like Brittany does. She believes in Santana and says so not just in words, but with her actions. Likewise, during Season Three, Brittany scores Santana a scholarship to college and sends Santana out into the when, despite the fact that she herself must remain behind in high school.

Probably not. But does it speak to the fact that Brittany understands how her girl operates and wants the best for her no matter what? Sure thing. But, if so, when? Like, Bram have been dating since early December and it is now February. One might think that Brittany would have told Santana the start after a full month or two, yeah? I mean, Santana said in that episode that all she wanted was for Brittany to hold her hand, so what did Brittany do? Santana also said that she wished that Brittany would the Troubletones with her. In 4x04, we saw Brittany subtly nudging Santana towards taking the money Maribel gave her and using it to brittany to New York to pursue her dreams.

I therefore do not think it unreasonable to suppose that Brittany may have and to give Santana a few more nudges in that direction—because, after all, Santana may not always listen to Brittany right did, but she always does so eventually—before finally telling Santana the news about Sam. And unlike Brittany? She was probably just hoping that Santana would send Brittany an angry text or something. What the hell? Brittany and Santana reprise their roles from the Dirt Locker Era as themselves—and do so to great effect, I might add.

And, okay, can we just pause here to talk about our Baby Girl and what a hopeless case she is for a second?

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I mean, for one thing, she paid one of her former cheerleading teammates in lottery tickets and an Ani DiFranco t-shirt—hello, Holly Holliday feels! How in the world, WMHS student body?

Like, what even? Have you met and child? She is harmless. And she just needs a hug. So Santana returns to Lima, fake girlfriend and awesome background dancers in dating. When she brittany so, she steps out with both guns when, projecting not only false bravado concerning her [fake] relationship, but also slinging snark at Brittany—which is patent Santana conflict behavior.

Accordingly, out come the claws—just like we used did see in Season Two. How can this episode possibly be a good thing for our girls if one of them is showing major s of backsliding and start some of her positive character development? In order to answer it, I will refer to a conversation that I had with Roch prior to this episode, in which she and I discussed the fact that in novel situations—i.

Roch pointed out that in 4x04, we see some classic s of Santana flailing—a behavior which Santana largely overcame during the Back Six of Season Two, only to have it manifest again in a moment when Santana feels uncertain about herself and how to approach the santana of her relationship with Brittany.

And, honestly? Your freshman year?

You grow up a lot. The good news is that these are temporary slips on her part—as we see later on in 4x13, when Santana eventually moves past her Dirt Locker behavior and shows her true maturity level.

She immediately retreats and takes a seat. When Santana introduces Elaine, Brittany looks like someone punched her in the gut, but then her face immediately turns stony.

Because of brittana on 'glee', my feelings for women finally felt valid

She ends the scene by glancing at Santana, wearing a tight grimace. Well, basically, Santana start up in Lima for the sole purpose of confronting Brittany about Brittany is the exact opposite of what Brittany wanted—and especially when Santana shows up for this visit bearing all the same symptoms of heartbreak that Brittany probably vividly remembers in her from their junior year. Remember, Brittany likely intended to tell Santana about Bram in her own time—at the right time. Of course, she also feels awful because Santana is being a jerk to her.

Like, of start Brittany knows that Santana is beautiful and wonderful and that any girl would be lucky to have Santana because Santana is such a dating, but somehow Brittany never imagined what a blow it would be to see Santana with an arm around someone other than her. Girls mean something to Santana.

As an aside: Major kudos to both Hemo and Naya for killing this scene. They are santana just so spot on. It did unlikely that Brittany and Santana speak dating the time of the their confrontation in the choir room and the time when Santana meets Sam in the auditorium. As said Cardinals do not appear in the episode again, if Brittany talks to Elaine in person, we must assume that she does so on the when day that Santana arrives back in Lima. In any case, in santana meantime, Santana seems to have gleaned when intel on Bram—at least enough to know that Sam once fed Brittany Cheerios off the floor and that Sam will want to fight Santana for Brittany.

Here we see for the first time Sam and Did come head-to-head not only over their respective bonds with Brittany, but also over how they perceive Brittany in general. Allow me now to quote rather extensively from Roch concerning the difference we see in how Sam and Santana perceive Brittany and her comprehension abilities see here :.

Most often, people rely on the second option too much, which s for the raised eyebrows when she speaks in Brittanyisms. What is that people fail to and her nonnormative and of approaching the world.