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Titanfall cant retrieve matchmaking list, I Titanfall cant looking up girl who retrieve flirts

This is frigging ridiculous, there doesn't even seem to be an E. I go the game today 20th as a birthday present and was looking forward to spending the evening with it but after like one and a half hours of reconnecting, changing data centers, resetting the game, the computer and my router, the game still can't connect.

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If so, XBoX Forums. MisterBalloons Guest. MisterBalloons, Mar 17, UneasyJmitchell Guest. The "brand" of the router shouldnt make a difference, just saying. UneasyJmitchell, Mar 17, Awesome JZ Guest. I tried to play the Titanfall beta, got 3 games in, then got kicked out. As I tried to go and play the multiplayer again, it came up with "retrieving matchmaking list", a notification that basically told me you can't play this game.

Titanfall "data center searching" or "retrieving matchmaking list"????

I was sad that I couldn't play anymore but looked forward to the games release, not losing hope that it would be fixed by the time it came out. Here I am now, just installing the game and exited to play. When I hit play, the same accursed "retrieving matchmaking list" came up and i couldn't believe it. Microsoft had several weeks to fix this problem and now I can't play this amazing game that I've waited so long to play. I know that playstation is laughing their butts off right now. Awesome JZ, Mar 17, Some Blind Dude Guest.

Nothing worked, choosing all of the server options, resetting my router and modum, my NAT type is open, I run around a 4.

Titanfall 2 won't retrieve matchmaking list

Took me two days to install it the first time. Finally, on the third day, it fully installed. Now it is installing slower than ever and I have a bad feeling it will not install completely again. EA stop saying it isn't you because it is. I can do anything else with x box live but play your game. Last time I buy one of your games EA. Good to get that off my chest sorry for ranting. Some Blind Dude, Mar 18, Okay I have one more thing for people to try.

EA says tht you might have to open ports to the Titanfall servers. Dodgvipr15 Guest.

I am currently stuck on the "Retrieving Matchmaking List" and have been stuck since I downloaded Titanfall 6 days ago. I have gone through every single step on this guide, Opened the DMZ, opened Ports, but nothing is getting me past the "Retrieving Matchmaking List" screen. I use an Apple Airport Extreme V. Test Internet Connection - It's all good. Test Multiplayer Connection - It's all good.

Original post

Download Speed - I do not understand why this is happening when I have not had a problem before. Please, is there anything else I can try? Dodgvipr15, Mar 19, Mister Rush Guest.

If so, is your modem a gateway device that acts as a modem and router in one device? Let us know and let us know the make and model of that device if so if possible.

Mister Rush, Mar 19, AcebladeX Guest. I have worked through this and still no luck. For the Data Center search, it doesn't even show the servers list.

AcebladeX, Mar 19, Then I put it everything back together and it worked after that. Hopefully it stays like that. Having problems matchmaking on Titanfall.

TheDyzaster Guest. Hey everyone just want to let you know that what you should do is: 1.

Then reboot and try again. NOTE: If you have any manual ports set up to that same IP address you are using for the Xbox One you must remove them or they can cause complications on specific routers.

IMPORTANT: The reason I suggest DMZ is because each and every game has the ability to have its own ports, with manual port forwarding you have to keep editing and updating your router configuration with each game you get, with DMZ all ports are open and you will not have to configure anything again unless you get a new router or new Xbox.

TheDyzaster, Mar 23, I have tried step 6. I have also tried setting up the DMZ and ports on my router.

Nothing is working. I believe the problem stems from my apartment's network which I have no access to. Is there any way around this? Why is it that Titanfall will not work but all other online games will?

Dodgvipr15, Mar 25, Hi I've done all the suggestions on this site, and others. I'm on xbox one I have the pleasure of the occasional full game, sadly it says I've completed the game But as I was dropped into the levels just before they ended I'm sure you will agree I have not had the pleasure or satisfaction of playing this game through from start to finish properly.

Other times I'm in the middle of the game when a grey box pops up saying trying to re-connect to surver I can play every other game I own on xbox one, and our ps4 with no problems, so why do you think that every machine out there is at fault?

Does it not make much more sense that it's your servers that can't handle the volume of players to this online-only game? Is that why EA have decided to let playstation have Titanfall 2 instead of it being exclusive too xbox Which will be bad for you if you haven't resolved the server issue and playstation do not have the same issues as xbox! Nitramuse Guest.

Titanfall outages reported in the last 24 hours

At the request of xboxsupport, I'll post here. I also have this problem, none of the steps mentioned above have worked. It is not profile related since another Gamertag on the same Xbox One has the same problem. One thing that is curious, though, is that when I start a power cycle with my modem I can a lobby and can play on -for what I've tested- forever. However, when I quit that lobby and try to connect again it won't work anymore.

On note on this; it all happened after the server problems we had a few days ago 25th of March Xbox Support said that it might be due to the fact that I use my Xbox One in a non-supported region Netherlandsbut one of my Friends also plays Titanfall on the Xbox One and he doesn't have any problems. So, here's my registration of the problem.

Titanfall stuck on retrieving matchmaking list

May the patches be ever in our favour. Nitramuse, Mar 29, Worked fine for about 3 days then nothing. Tried all the suggestion and still haven't been able to play. And there doesn't seem to be any support from EA or anybody else. And they want people to buy downloaded games instead of hard copy?