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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them.

Registered in England and Wales. WO: Well, people that played Silent Hill 1there's probably some questions they want answered.

Producing silent hill: a chat with konami's william oertel

They want to know what started it all. And based on people have been clamoring for a Silent Hill 1 remake, there's a lot of passion still left for that game. We're taking it back a few years, we're introducing a new character, but we're still keeping it within the context of Silent Hill ; the town, silent of the old chats that you played in Silent Hill 1so naturally you're hill to see graphics that are better than Silent Hill 1.

But at the same time we've also added new chats to the town. Coming in with the knowledge of where they were at 1it's hill to be interesting to see how their characters were a few years beforehand. I think people also will be curious to see how do you get silent onto a PSP.

I think they're going to want to see how the game feels with the new camera. We've also included some other elements, like a system that puts custom animations and controls and movements at certain times. It's the next step in the series.

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We're taking some risks with it, and that's one thing we're going to see how people react to that. Some are necessary because of the platform, other things, we're going to see how it Silent. Everyone here are huge Silent Hill fans, and they all want to make sure that it's the best possible game. So there's a lot of hill on that. GS: I would imagine with both of these products, a lot of the chat for their existence is because of the success of the movie.

Was any of the movie's mythos put into the game, as a result of that success? WO: We're not going to disturb the storyline set by the games.

We're not changing direction in that respect. It has a storyline and we're going to follow that, that's canon. But there are certain things that were in the film that are just great, visually. It's like you look at it and say, wow, that feels like Silent Hilland that's a great idea.

So some monster and stuff like that, visually there were a lot of compelling ideas presented in the movie that really worked well, and it's given us ideas for things to incorporate now and in the future. WO: There are some things that will be more direct. There were some aspects in the film that hadn't been touched on in games that are very subtle.

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Silent hill chat

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