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In the manosphere, especially at the Roosh V forummuch has been said about Sweden and its girls. On Return of Kings writers tend to focus more on feminism, multiculturalism and that things overall are heading in the wrong direction in the Nordic country in question.

However, Roosh has reported on this particular topic. Since I have lived in Sweden my entire life — apart from Roosh trips and stays in almost 50 other countries — and see the girls in Stockholm every day, I can give a fairly broad and sweden answer to the question how the Swedish girls are. The broad beauty bell curve People might have heard about the bell curve, often linked to statistics on IQ scores.

White males in particular tend to have a very broad bell curve: really unintelligent and intelligent men White women are more clustered in the middlealthough they have their super-smart fractions as well. A bell curve can also be used to explain the level of beauty within a particular country.

Some countries have a more narrow distribution of female beauty.

For instance, most women in Sri Lanka are clustered somewhere between points for looks. There are a few 7s and 8s but then I mean really few, whereas in Sweden there are of course not many 9s and 10s but you can at least find some of those, and there are a lot of 6s, 7s and 8s.

Sweden has a very large and wide variation — from the lowest to the highest and sweden in between. I am not saying that all girls are pretty there — far from it — just that they tend to show up at those relatively high-status locations. Pretty low ROI. How mass immigration and multiculturalism affect the sexual marketplace Like many may have heard of, Sweden has accepted a lot of economic migrants refugees from all around the world, especially South America, Africa and Roosh Middle East.

Too bad many of these are males — s show that for everyfemales there aremales. This is largely driven by economic migrants from Africa and so-called unaccompanied refugee children from Afghanistan that have come during the least years.

Sure many of these guys are no competition, since they have poor private Roosh, low education, and do not look good at all, but some exotic guys are really handsome and girls might sometimes prefer them for whatever reason. As for girls there are a lot of variation and you may find many who look typically Nordic, but also Latinas, Arabs, Africans, East Asians, as well as those sweden originate from other parts of Europe Poland, Russia, Finland, Balkan, etc.

That is a good thing and over the years I have dated girls from pretty much all of these regions. Of course Scandinavian-looking such dominate, but if you are open for different types of females you could find many foreign ones as well.

Likely some of them are a bit more traditional and feminine, or have not at least internalized contemporary feminism to the same extent. Hence use all main kinds of game.

However, be aware of that night game does not really exist in smaller places or they do only have one bar or club to go toand there are much less options when it comes to online game. Between I used a website called Happy Pancake, which was far from perfect but was for free and had a Roosh of attractive single girls, but it has become much worse.

June is generally a great month in both Stockholm and smaller places. Many are looking for a bang flirt or two, whether through social circle game, sweden game or night game.

Regarding social circle game, one should notice that it is hard to penetrate social circles at many places around the world. Sweden is no different. Thus try to find circles that are more easily penetrated — both literally and metaphoricallly speaking — since they are linked to universities or other more international contexts.

Obviously that is easier if you are a student there, but often you can just show up and be involved.

Try to climb the social ladder as far and fast as possible, since that will give you easier access to a large pool sweden native and non-native girls. For instance, a friend of mine from Iran, scored over girls mostly international students in one year, but he looked good and had strong social and verbal abilities. Looks, condidence, and social skills are always good to have, but once you have a little bit of that Roosh things matter more. But to just be an unprofessional bartender is better than nothing. In that regard Stockholm is almost as good as those universities which are located in smaller cities.

Politics. culture. philosophy. fitness. travel. dating.

In summary Sweden has pros and cons, but given that you look at least okay and have normal social skills — if you know where to go and use appropriate methods you may find many girls to sleep with, both of native and non-native origin. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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