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When it comes to senior living options, mobile homes and RVs are options that represent a wide range of seniors. Mobile home parks and RV parks offer small lots and community space that is maintained by the park.

A mobile home park much like a condominium association where the common spaces are maintained by the park owners and staff and where tenants have a small lot which they care for. When a park is deemed to be a senior mobile home park, they have rules about the minimum age of the people who live there.

Most parks offer senior living for people aged 55 and older and do not permit those who are younger to live there.

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The park and its amenities are geared towards seniors and may have noise and usage restrictions. As military as that sound, these parks create an environment that is senior friendly and deed to enhance the quality of life for those who live in the park. A senior RV park is somewhat different and yet, very much the same. The big difference is that there are not mobile homes in an RV park and the idea is that the tenant population is transient and not temporary.

In a senior mobile home park, the majority of the people who live there, do so long-term.

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Senior living mobile home parks are often affordable alternatives to living in a single family home. Most tenants pay rent on their space and own the mobile home. That means they pay a low monthly rent and can live in a larger home.

Mobile homes come in single, double, and triple wide width. They can be one bedroom and larger.

Most lots are small offering enough space for the mobile home and a small yard. Another benefit is that the community is organized around the needs of seniors. There are many benefits of living in a senior mobile home park.

If you are traveling in your RV, senior mobile home parks often have spaces that allow you to park your RV for months on end. They make great destinations for Snowbirds and other seniors who escape the harsher weather in one area of the world and to take up temporary residence in another.

The price to stay in a senior mobile home park vary by park. Most are very affordable. How you pay depends on the park and your arrangement. For RV owner, rent is often paid online at the time of your reservation.

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This means that you can pay with a credit card. Long-term residents usually have a lease or rental agreement and pay their rent monthly.

RV owners and those residents who are temporary, may pay rent weekly or in one-lump sum. Most communities have at least one senior mobile home park within their communities.

You can begin your search online. There many websites that are deed for seniors. Many sites are area specific and focus on the local community. It is not difficult to find a senior living park near you.

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If you are a senior who is looking for another housing optionconsider the benefits of living in a senior mobile home park. Often what you will find is that the rent is affordable and can help free up money in your budget, especially if you are on a fixed income. As rosy as that all sounds, there are drawbacks. Mobile homes can be frustrating when it comes time to repair them as many of the appliances and other parts are not a standard size.

Another drawback can be the cost to heat and cool a mobile home as not all of them are energy efficient. Knowing that upfront helps you find a mobile home that is perfect for you and without a lot of the headaches.

Senior mobile home parks

If you live in an RV part of the year and are looking for a place to park for a few months, senior living mobile home parks often make great destinations as most have full hookups and access to electricity and potable water. Since graduating from Harvard with an honors degree in Statistics, Jeff has been creating content in print, online, and on television. Much of his work has been dedicated to informing seniors on how to live better lives.

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