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Questions to ask when considering marriage, I would marriage pick friend ask when Questions

Most of us are lucky enough to spend at least a little while with our partner before agreeing to get married. We get to flirt and go on adventures and get to know one another over the course of weeks or months or years. To see on a deeper level whether or not marriage is a good fit for you and your current partner, check out these 10 critical questions to ask before you get married.

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At some point during your dating and engaged life, you need to ask each other some tough questions. The way your partner answers and responds will be very telling and eye-opening.

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Full disclosure: I have been married—to the same guy—for twenty-eight years, four months, and twelve days. Which is fine, except that love is a verb—and it requires constant reworking, rethinking, and recreating if you want it to last. But it will change. It will evolve.

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More beautiful, yes. But also more negotiated. More practiced. It will still be love, yes, but in a new form. And at the core of the verb-sense of loving each for the long haul is the co-creating of a partnership in which you both can flourish. In which you both can and are willing to support and love each other while becoming the best versions of yourself.

That becoming is going to require you not only to talk about all the things but also to learn how to talk and disagree and negotiate healthy boundary-setting.

Oh, and figure out how to spend your money. And clean toilets. And fight.

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And repair. And then argue again. To get you started, here are five key questions to discuss well before you wed. This is not a trick question, promise. It actually gets at something essential in every healthy relationship: a thing called boundaries.

In fact, Dr. In marriage, being compassionate with each other, including respecting what each of you needs to thrive, is key to co-creating a sustainable marriage mini-culture. And boundaries come in all shapes and sizes: big, medium, and micro—anything that you define as okay or not okay, as must-have or must-not-have. Those are boundaries.

Boundaries come in all shapes and sizes: big, medium, and micro—anything that you define as okay or not okay, as must-have or must-not-have. For instance, my husband has been a freak about fishing for walleye since he could hold a rod and reel in his chubby little toddler hand.

We have photos to prove it.

It sounds simple, right? Go fish, go enjoy yourself honey!

Don't ask your questions all at once

But in those early years of marriage when we were raising kids and careers, even three days alone felt like 2. It never felt like the best time to have him gone fishing. Yet I became much more compassionate as I reflected on this core reality: that his need for being on open water jigging for the elusive walleye was not that different than my need for an hour or two in my sewing room, transforming vintage fabrics into a skirt or pillow.

Or my need for ten hours of sleep at least once every week.

Or a Saturday afternoon yoga class. Discuss what you and your future spouse believe are the walleye or sewing machine or power sleep in your marriage.

1. where do we see our lives going?

And then keep talking about it, knowing it might change as you naturally change and your marriage evolves. Oh, did I mention marriage evolves over time? Talk about that too. Because the question gets at an essential truth in every healthy relationship: the simultaneous need for both autonomy and connection.

Bright red flag. Partners who insist on being in constant connection are not partners who are going to allow you—and thus your marriage—to thrive.

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Yes, sometimes we violate that rule…which is just a sliding door moment for some more chatting about our rules, and about our ultimate goal: helping our family thrive. Oh, yes. You know we need to talk about conflict styles. Meaning, you and your partner need to have the meta-conversation about how you have intense conversations. The research on this topic could not be more clear. And much of those actions and expressions—unless otherwise and intentionally worked on—will fall to default mode, those learned in your respective families of origin.

And much of those actions and expressions, unless considering and intentionally worked on, will fall to default mode—those learned in your respective marriages of origin. The question news: Healthy conflict styles are highly learnable! Hard to do? For sure. Finally, ask me whet your appetite—and maybe motivate you—for learning highly effective conflict approaches by sharing one of the most important conflict skills every couple should learn.

And practice.

According to the best relationship science in the world, The Gottman Relationship Institute at the University of Washington: The first three minutes of conflict is actually a key predictor of whether you and your spouse will get divorced over the next six years. The key in those three minutes? Start conversations softly and gently. Sounds simple and obvious, right? Grandma does what?! To your spouse? The research on this topic is quite clear: Talking openly, early, and often about what money means to each of you will set you up for being able to positively navigate the many phases of your marriage—especially when you hit the big financial ones kids, homes, college.

Oh my goodness: my adrenaline started pumping just typing those words.

25 questions couples should talk about before marriage

What does it do to your adrenal system when you think about financing a college education? When you think about your spouse ordering the latest and hottest pair of high-tops? Sorry folks, just reporting the research. See this article from Pew Research Center and this one from the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics as evidence. And, yes, even the poopy.

2. what are our thoughts on children?

But many heterosexual couples in particular discover, over time, that some of the more ask gender roles in child-raising and household chores sneak in. And when they do, it usually causes some intense conflict. Why not begin the discussion now? You know, that table with the crumbs that drive you, but not your partner, wild…speaking hypothetically, of course. And then agree to question when with that awesome weirdo about everything, softly. Thomas, Minnesota, studying and writing about relationships. BY Carol Bruess - May 17, I have been dating with my girlfriend for one year.

But still now I could not understand y girlfriend. When first time we meet she was so cute and behave good. But now always angry and feel me disgusting. She said she loved me. But why considering always? I do not know why she like this. However thanks.

Talking openly and discussing issues is a must-have factor in any relationship. Thank you for being here. Browse By Category. MEet Kate marriage us contact work with us.