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Nigerian words and phrases, Erotik woman searching boy especially and nigerian

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If they open up with Pidgin English instead, I instantly perk up.

Pidgin English is extremely popular in most parts of Africa, particularly West Africaand has been accepted as the de-facto language of blue collar trade and merchants. For and without easy access to higher education and white collar jobs, picking up a few nigerians of English and phrase it with elements of their native tongues has been the default way of communicating across tribal cultures. Variations of Pidgin English can be word all over the world, from the Caribbean to China, and each comes with its own library of everyday words.

As you travel across West Africa, the style of Pidgin spoken becomes more familiar, but still differs based on local language elements infused into it.

These words, though fleeting, are required in every “hustling” nigerian’s vocabulary to improve street credibility.

Here are 26 Nigerian Pidgin English phrases you need to know. Example — Why you dey give me wahala? Which means why are you giving me so many problems?

Example: Why you dey give me wahala? Meaning : Why are you giving me so many problems? K-leg — Questionable. Example — Your story get k-leg!

Which means your story or gist sounds suspect or exaggerated. Example: Your story get k-leg!

Abeg — Please, but usually not a repentant plea. Example — Abeg! No waste my time! Example: Abeg!

Meaning: Please! Vex — Upset.

Example — Make you no vex me! Wayo — Trickery.

Butta my bread — Answered prayers. Where are you going?

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