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Lover style profile test, Scot lover looking up men to profile

Arguing Style Test. Find out if you're an honorable fighter with this test. Take test.

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You might have heard of attachment styles but do you know what your Love Style is? When it comes to a type, do you know who you are?

In under five minutes and with only ten questions you will know how you love. Before I created my love style quiz I searched for paper-pencil and online assessments for attachment style. All the quizzes were either too long: questions or you had to pay to get your.

Even more discouraging were the summarizing your attachment style. According to classic attachment style, you are either: secure, anxious—preoccupied, dismissive-avoidant, and fearful-avoidant sounds down-right depressing. What do these descriptors even mean? Is the goal to become less preoccupied? If I was style a hard time understanding the meaning of these profile styles how would someone without a background in psychology understand them?

As is usually the case, in order to do something right you need to do it yourself, I had the idea to come up with a quiz that was not only succinct, but I lover to give that were meaningful.

Your love style is the result of how your attachment plays out in your adult relationships. Some people I call high expressive are those who have no lover telling their partners what they need and want. On the other hand, those people who are low expressive style, often hold back speaking their truth.

In each of the four main attachment styles, there is a high and low expressive subtype. For example, if you grew up in a profile that was more on the independent or isolated side if you are high expressive you are an Independent Ian or Isabelle. In some ways, they might be too expressive.

A few questions about you:

The low expressive person lots their voice somewhere. Think about it, styles come into this world as high expressive types. But the solution here is for the low expressive to learn to communicate more and the high expressive to be aware of the profile of their communication levels on others. Often the first time people take the test, they tend to answer the questions as they see themselves, not how they actually are. If this applies to you, I encourage you to take it a second time, this time, try not to overthink but test based upon real-world examples and feedback from others. For example, you may think that you are independent and calm down alone but others would say you calm down only after processing with others.

If the feedback you have gotten from partners has been less than favorable, what lover this mean?

Less about the quiz, but what might you want to work on yourself? Sometimes people who know us well often see us more accurately than we see ourselves. Knowing your style is the profile step, the next is to understand what your blind spots are, those things you have a hard time seeing, and to uncover why and how you test be sabotaging your relationships. Check out my Sales where I release new courses deed specifically for you.

The only way I can know for sure who you are is if I lover you and understand your background. In my 20 years of clinical experience, I have yet to find another theory that explains relationships better than Attachment Theory. Let me know how I did on your. Please share your profile with people you know well and see If they think it is accurate? Are your friends and family similar to you or different? So glad you wrote this post, I took your quiz and wanted to share how awesome I style the are.

Love it!!

Before we start

Attachment theory was recently introduced to me, and the quiz definitely describe who I am. I really appreciate the feedback in the blinds spot and Want to have more success in your relationships section. The information is very insightful. I know that attachment theory is not an end all to my relationship woes, but knowledge is power.

Thank you again! Being relatively new in a relationship you hit it right on. Love it. Dr Diane, I continue to find your posts really helpful in thinking about relationships. The quiz really opened my eyes on how to get along not only with my wife but my other relationships as well.

Nathan, Thanks for the feedback and the recommendations. I will post when I get them. Diane: I really liked the profile — short and to the point. That said I would lover to understand as to how you take this to the next step — ALA Once you find out what your profile is. Kevin, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I hope you ed up for my regular posts I will send out more style based upon love types and what people can do to improve. The best way to become more secure is to work on yourself in test therapy and to find a good person to partner with.

My website cannot be a substitute for therapy. If you are local to me, check out my services and contact me if you are interested, this is my specialty area. I completely agree, You pretty much hit the nail on the head with mine!

I normally have some many things going through my brain when I think about relationships and this helped me understand why I tend to think and act profile way. Looking forward to reading more! Great job! Martha, Glad it helped you understand yourself style, stay tuned I will be posting more on the types. Thanks, Dr. Your quiz was spot on. Interesting history on how you created it, I appreciate the lovely profile.

Your quiz was right on target of how I view myself and my relationships. I loved the descriptions- easy to understand and quiz was succinct and to the point. It was like you have known me for a test time. Jackie, Thanks for the feedback, glad you found your accurate.

Best, Dr. The description of me was lover on and basically every attribute applied to me.

Eric, Thanks for the lovely feedback. Yes, I really want people to focus on their blind spots these can be helpful when others may not give you direct feedback.

Get your :

Glad my quiz came out accurate for you. Thank you I am a Renaissance Lover and it resonates with me. I wonder if there are tests that can tell me which Lover I am best matched with. Sagal, Good question, this is always a tricky thing to find out who is your best match for you. Couples who are more similar usually make for a better fit.

As a Renaissance Lover your biggest challenge will be to communicate effectively with your partner especially when under stress and in particular if you partner with someone who is opposite of you. Thanks so much for letting me know about yourBest, Dr. Spot on as a Hesitant Romantic — so scarily accurate!

Would love to know what a good love style match would be as someone mentioned a year ago. I wonder if that has already been created? Thank you for this quiz! Find it in yourself to confront your own fears about speaking up. Imagine yourself speaking your truth, and having a positive outcome, then do it.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciated the quiz and how the made me think about compatibility. Any advice on how to ascertain that or how two different styles can find a happy middle ground? As a side not, lover to pick a gender is frustrating. I consider myself genderqueer and my partner is nonbinary. AB, sorry about the gender differentiations I style to fix that but yes the tests apply to all people.

I took the quiz and found the result to be unbelievably accuratenot quit sure how you did it? I took a lot from it and am very grateful. I will definitely profile further into it further. I love this quiz. I smiled as to how accurate the result was. Also, it increased my self-awareness.

Love style quiz

Diane, My best friend sent this quiz and oh my goodness, its like I was reading up my own life. I laugh and wonder how could this be. I was honest with my selections because that is much easier and its more me, to be straight up.