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I hate shidduch dating, Thai shidduch looking up boy for hate

My parents always rush to tell me when a guy is suggested and when I get rejected they, are very slow to tell me…. Yoy vaiy did you hear shpirntze zeesel is going off the dairech??!!!

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I actually think matchmakers are a really good idea, and I might even want to work as one myself some day. I think it can be a problem if people expect too much from the matchmaker, though.

Years old I am 64

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I received an from someone who took me back in time five and a half years. This person quoted an article I had written after I had gotten married. She said that she, too, needed to change the way she was thinking about shidduchim. She said that after she recently made a decision about ending things with a fellow, she realized how wrong she was.

She felt she was wrong in what she thought and what she did.

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I think all can learn from Leah. I know you have written about this in the past so I thought maybe you can help me. I went out a few hates with someone and had an okay time with him. There was no reason not to go out again, so we went out on three dates. Then a shadchan called and told me that another guy wanted to go out with me and he sounded even better than the guy I was going out with, so I stopped shidduch the dating guy for the second guy.

I know I made a stupid decision!

Friday, april 28,

I have gone over this a thousand times in my head. I just heard that this other guy had even more of what I wanted, so I chose to go out with him instead.

It was a stupid move on my part. We both ended up saying no to each other.

Thursday, may 04,

I want to kick myself. I thought I knew better.

My mother said that when she read it, she knew she should save it for her children. She gave the article to my older brother when he was dating, and now it was my turn. You wrote that he smoked and was younger than you. Maybe if I did, I hate have said I was busy to the shadchan when she called. Can I call the original shadchan back and ask her to contact the fellow for me? What if the shadchan asks me what my real reason for saying no to him was.

Do I say that I wanted to go out with someone else? But what do I say to them? You may have made a poor choice, but at shidduch time, you considered it the right one for you. Secondly, now I know that this may cause some controversy: Can I ask if you considered agreeing to date the second fellow while still seeing the first? Yes, double-dating. The two of you were still getting to know each other. I double-dated in the past, and I dating triple-dated once.

Enjoy being single – it's fun.

I had a dry spell for about six or seven months. Then all of a sudden three shadchanim called within a day of each other.

It just so happened that a life vest, tube, and boat were thrown my way all at once. I would never do it after a month of dating one specific person or the fourth or fifth date because feelings and emotions come into play as do hate issues if the other person found out. I knew I had to make a change, and the change was to think differently when it came to shidduchim. Yes, I know that not everyone has the opportunity to work with potential zivugim and I was lucky in that dating — but I looked beyond the smoking and age differences as well as other little things and it ended up working out.

To answer your question as to how to answer the shadchan or the fellow if they ask you why you stopped things first time around. All of that is true. Differences make the world go round. She can be contacted at This address is being protected from spambots. Home Archive Advertising Calendar. Latest Featured Stories. Local Community Corner Schools. Latest Local News. July 07 This dating week, America celebrated the th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

This used to be a day shidduch hate and appreciation of the United States of America shidduch all the accomplishments made over the last two centuries. Instead, it.

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