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By Chris Seiter.

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Breakups. Did your ex-boyfriend cheat on you? Did he leave you all of a sudden or maybe he said some words that still hurt you? No matter what he did, it probably feels like you were just a game that entertained him for some time. It hurt like hell, seeing him walk away and moving on with his life while you felt like your whole world was about to collapse. Over that period of time, you had one and only one thought in your head — how to make him regret hurting you.

You need to get that guy to regret all the things he did to you which still hurt.

You just need to make him regret hurting you so he feels at least a small amount of the emotions you felt when he broke you. To be honest, the best possible way would be to forget about your ex-boyfriend and completely erase him from your life but I know that this is easier said than done. Spreading lies about him is never a good option either even though your anger can make you feel like it is. That would be foolish.

Instead, it can only make you look like a maniac and get you a restraining order. You are the one who has the power now. So, firstly, be clear with yourself.

If you feel like you really need revenge in order to move on with your lifethen seek emotional vengeance. In the first place, you need to promise yourself that your moves toward making your ex-boyfriend regret that he hurt you will be subtle.

You will move on someone your own life while teaching him a lesson, which will be your best revenge. It may seem like a How step, but the best way to make your ex-boyfriend regret hurting you is if you put yourself as a priority. Instead, put some effort into improving yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to work on yourself and do everything you maybe never had enough time for. Trust me, this will make him re-evaluate his decision. He will see how well you are doing without him and it will make him wonder why he something you in the first place.

He will realize what an amazing person you are and that tiny little seed of regret will be planted in his consciousness. When that happens, his regret will grow more and more. At the regret time, you will start to feel better about yourself and about your new single life. Focus on yourself and everything else will come along with it. Let me tell you, nothing hurts more than feeling our ex is slowly but surely removing us from their life. You will be brave and proud. You will stand in front of him like nothing ever happened between the two of you. Once that happens, he make start thinking about you.

His time is over. You let him in once and that was the last time.

7 great ways to make him regret dumping you

No second chances on your part. He can go look somewhere else!

Now, you can something whatever you like. And while you are enjoying your life, he can watch from afar, regretting that he ever let you go. Go do whatever you like and let him see that nothing can make you now. Remember all of the times he was annoyed at you for doing the things you love and do them now out of revenge. Now, let him see that you can do someone you set your heart on. The no contact rule! Mute his social media How, delete hisand erase his texts.

Ignore your ex-boyfriend like your life depends on it! The goal here is not to get him to miss you or wish to want you back. Letting go of someone who used to mean the world to you is tough but you need to remember how that person made you feel. Instead, you need to enjoy your life with your loved ones, without paying any attention to him. It will pass as long as you focus on the positive things that can help you regret on.

You would scream and shout so he could see how it feels when the one you love the most hurts you. You would explain to him the terrible feeling of sorrow that overtakes your whole body, the feeling that nothing makes sense anymore.

You have yourself for that and you will move on like nothing ever happened. If he sees that you are doing things and going places, he will start questioning his decision. You should move on because once your ex-boyfriend sees that your life is only blooming since he left, you are certain to get what you wanted.

You are working on yourself, trying new things, and creating a new life that will be even better than the one you had when he was in it. Call your best friend and make a plan to do all the things you always wanted to do but never had time for.

New hobbies and new people in your life lead to new opportunities and new opportunities are the perfect start to a new life. Your self-esteem drops and you start to think that everything was your fault. Look in the mirror and observe the person you are seeing. She is a beautiful, strong, and independent woman who can do whatever she wants. She is full of self-confidence and she knows her worth.

If you treat her like a game, you will be the one who is destined to lose. If you want these steps to work and to finally make him regret hurting you, you need to shift your focus. Instead of doing all of this for him, you need to do it for yourself.

He will be the one who has the power and you will be waiting for him to give you a second chance. Instead, you should focus on your own happiness and do everything purely out of a wish to achieve it.

Once you truly start to believe in yourself and do things for your own good, the people around you will notice that. He will realize that you are doing things for yourself and that if he had stayed, he would maybe feel happier than he feels now.

The best way to do this is to start dating other men. Not only will it make him jealous but it will also help you to move on faster.

How to make your ex boyfriend regret letting you go

Once you realize that there are a ton of great men out there, you will stop constantly thinking about your ex-boyfriend. He will be aware of it and it will be the last step in your plan for revenge. He will start thinking about you and it can easily make him regret hurting you.

It is always hard to move on with your life once your heart has been broken into millions of pieces.

Yes, he did a lot of terrible things that made you lose faith in yourself but if you focus only on the bad, you are just making it harder for yourself to let things go. Instead, look on the bright side.

How to make him regret hurting you? 9 subtle ways to achieve it

Maybe God wanted things to turn out this way. He closed one door for you and opened a of others so that you can find your destiny. You have a chance to make some great decisions that will lead you to even greater things in life. So, instead of putting all of your efforts into hurting your ex-boyfriend the way he hurt you, you need to accept it as an experience that will help you improve.

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