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How to heal a broken heart with god, God healed with broken that How quotes

No matter what caused our hearts to break, we can trust God.

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When you ask yourself, how does God heal a broken heart, the answer is because Jesus knows how you feel.

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This post may contain affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here. Such is the experience of a life well-lived. I spent many years in a pit of despair believing this is just how life goes. I wondered where God was and if He was ever going to heal my broken heart. At times I even questioned His existence. I kept hearing about His profound love and yet this world is so full of atrocious pain and heartache. It was even harder to think that I was one of the lucky ones— that many people, just around the corner and across the planet, were enduring much harder circumstances than I could even fathom.

When you love someone enough to build an intimate relationship with them, the depth of your vulnerability matches the depth of your love. Life can be messy and relationships are hard.

Building faith: four bible verses to heal a broken heart

The hardest pain we endure is always related to our most precious relationships. God has revealed to me with clarity that He absolutely will heal our broken hearts. The question only remains for each of us—how will He do it for ME? Most often healing is a process that He uses to teach us more about Him and about ourselves. Sometimes healing comes as a miracle we receive instantly during an encounter with God. He touches us at our core and we receive the gift freely. But most often, healing is a process that He uses to teach us more about Him and ourselves. We stay in a rut or worse yet, spiral further downward.

They will help you partner with God for healing, strengthen yourself, and live a more victorious life. I ask Holy Spirit to overwhelm you right now with peace, encouragement, and divine revelation. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Take some time to think about these verses and let them sink deep into your heart.

How to heal a broken heart

Start small. Make little plans. Involve people who support you and pour into you—especially those who will encourage your faith. Plan a girls night or weekend.

Can god heal a broken heart?

Start dreaming up a vacation. Journal about all of things that you want on your bucket list. The kingdom of God operates on faith, so start dreaming again and build yourself up. When you experience a tremendous heartbreak, it can take a huge toll on how you see and value yourself. We might perk up for a few hours or days if a distraction comes along, but the pain creeps or rushes back in as soon as life returns to a normal routine and rhythm.

Once you connect deeply with Jesus and get Him into your heart, everything changes and nothing has the same power over you that it once did. There is one surefire way to begin combatting this heaviness.

How does god heal a broken heart?

Get into that bible of yours and read it. I wholeheartedly believe the quote:.

That trusty book can change everything. Especially the New Testament. Pour the truth of what God thinks about you into your soul. Ask Holy Spirit to remind you or maybe learn for the first time how God sees you. Not only will it help you heal and give God room to work on your heart, but it will help prevent such pain from happening ever again.

God spends considerable time in His Word telling us what to think about for a reason! Have you ever spent so much time dwelling on something negative that a simple thought turned into an absolute meltdown? Proactively shut those suckers down before that happens and choose to focus on things that are life-giving.

I personally found it so difficult to get my thoughts under control that I needed to study more about it. I would recommend one or both of these books if you need some help with this as I did:.

Will god ever heal my broken heart?

To take this one step further— consider that whatever you think about most will ultimately come out of your mouth. It completely consumed her thoughts and words. Think about the impact for us if we spend all of our time thinking about and talking about how hard our life is and focusing on our pain?

We would become toxic and so would the environment around us. Need more convincing? Here are 51 verses about the power of your Words!

An act of forgiveness is a tricky thing. Some folks find it easy to forgive others but very challenging to forgive themselves. Others will forgive themselves but struggle to forgive God. Some of you just got set free hearing that…. However it does have to take place. We can let go of our bitterness and hatred for others without trying to pretend the offenses never happened. In fact, that would simply be unwise and unproductive. It all begins with a choice. An act of your will. If this is hard for you—say this prayer with me:.

You see my pain. You see all injustice. I need your help. With you all things are possible, Jesus. Please help me to forgive and release them. I commit them into your hands. Heal my heart, Lord. I thank you for your grace and your mercy. I cannot recommend them enough. They also have one-on-one remote counseling available for really serious cases with some of the top Christian counselors in the world. Sometimes the things that break our hearts are so devastating that they change us forever. Sometimes all you can do to begin to heal is focus on heaven.

When we set our minds and hearts on eternity and the promise that there is a place with no pain, no tears, and no heartache, it can soothe the broken heart like nothing else. When I practice this strategy, I picture what I will do in heaven, who I will spend time with, what it will feel like, and how everything good and beautiful on earth is amplified in heaven.

Spend enough time with God asking Him to give you glimpses of heaven so you begin to feel alive again. THEN bring heaven down to earth and use your new hope and vision to connect with other people.

I found that it was most encouraging to find people who How a harder story than mine because it helped me to stay humble and others-focused and I helped them heal alive again, too. We would talk about the things of God, heaven, our futures, and how we could bring broken people with us. I can find a place of gratitude for the person I have become as a result of what I have overcome.

At this stage in my journey I can find a place of gratitude for the person I have become as a heart of what I have overcome. Today my passion is to stay so close to God that nothing can ever hurt me to the point of devastation again, AND to connect with others that I can encourage and counsel as they take their own journeys god pain.

Will you me? Will you get up again and partner with God to heal your heartache? Will you forget the former things and press on to the future and the hope that God prepared for you before time began? I have a very specific message for you. What would you add to this list?? How have you overcome with I would be honored to hear your story!

Learn More about this ! Hey Sweetie! Press into God and ask Him to wash your heart clean of any unforgivenesss. If you are being physically, emotionally, sexually, or verbally abused— this post is for you. Otherwise you might find pointers in this post. Sending all my love and hugs!!