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How to get him to break up with me, I get men him break How

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We know a lot about what makes relationships work—and fail. This post is part of our Evil Week series at Lifehacker, where we look at the dark side of getting things done. Sometimes evil is justified, and other times, knowing evil means knowing how to beat it. Want more?

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But it is really important to understand that not all relationships built to last and coming out of such relationship are equally challenging. While it is always best to tell your boyfriend directly and bite the bullet and get it over with, there are other ways to break it up too. So, if you are looking for ways to break it off without saying it aloud, here are seven ways to get your boyfriend dump you. Well, if you want your boyfriend to dump you that behavior is a big no-no. Instead, it is time to put some distance between him and you.

Start by not answering his call or responding to his text messages. Or, if you have made plans to go on a date, call up the last minute and tell him you have something else to do.

Sooner or later he is bound to call the relationship off. No man likes to be in a company of a woman who believes she knows everything there is to know. And, this is one of the best ways to get your boyfriend to dump you. Show him at any given opportunity that you are always right, and keep rubbing it in. Adopt this attitude even if you are not right.

The 7 things i did to get over a big breakup — and why research says they work

You will be surprised how quickly this behavior will push your boyfriend away from you. He will think you are arrogant and rude, and within a few weeks he will dump you. What a relief! Jealousy has killed many relationships. So, why should yours be any different?

I hate my boyfriend: 13 proven ways to get him to dump you

Jealousy comes from being insecure, paranoid or obsessive. Hence, if you have this clingy and needy boyfriend you no longer want in your life, stoke that jealousy by flirting with other guys. Bat eyelashes at men, sashay around, and dole out your mobile like hot cakes. This will make your boyfriend upset. Nothing is more off-putting than a partner who is needy, clingy and insecure.

A healthy relationship means having friends and pursuits beyond your partner and relationship.

But, you can use this to your advantage. Accuse your partner of not making time for you; spending too much time with his friends or hobby; and eying other girls. Then begin insisting you constantly want to be with him and you do not have a life beyond the relationship. Success will yours very shortly, with your boyfriend dumping you as it is very difficult to cope with a jealous and suspicious partner. Look for small things to start a fight. Blame him for everything. Keep harping about his negatives, and it will frustrate him to no end. Initially, he will try to placate you and get you to see some reason.

Remember your goal — he needs to dump you.

Now you know how to make him miss you

So go on fighting, arguing and being unreasonable. Your boyfriend will get so frustrated that he will throw in the towel after some time. He will be thanking his lucky stars that he got away from you before it was too late while you can scream with glee as you have found the secret to get your boyfriend to dump you.

Saying you love a person is reaffirming the faith in the relationship, and partners love to hear those three precious words.

A better way to break-up: 20 ways to leave your lover

So, each time your boyfriend tells you he love you, avoid saying it back. Instead, be noncommittal and mutter something incoherent. If you do end up saying you love him, be as unconvincing as possible that your boyfriend begins to doubt your feelings for him. Physical intimacy is necessary for a relationship to be a success; and when it is missing from a relationship, there is a reason to worry.

So, whether it is sex, kissing, holding hands, hugging or snuggling, stop all forms of physical intimacy. Make excuses to avoid the intimacy or pull away.

He will be puzzled in the beginning wondering what is causing this reaction from you. He may even try and get you to speak about it. Do not give him an answer. In a few weeks or months, your boyfriend will dump you because a healthy relationship cannot function without some degree of physical intimacy. This is one of the factors that makes most of the guys jealous and crazy. Praise your ex in front of your boyfriend, pretend like you still love him and want him back in your life. Forgetting important days like birthdays and anniversaries is something that annoys many people.

Tell him that the things which matters to him might not that important to you and you have so many other priorities that needs time and focus. Repeat this behavior few times and I am sure this will surely irritate your guy and he will ask for the break up soon. Be it a guy or girl, almost everyone hates this one particular factor. No girl or guy can see their girlfriend or boyfriend dating their best friends.

How to make him miss you like crazy after a breakup – 12 simple steps

So use the chance and go out with his best buddy and grow the friendship to make your boyfriend jealous. Ask him small favors like fixing your laptop or plumbing, invite him to your home, go out for a movie, introduce him to your friends. All these things will make your boyfriend go crazy and red with anger. And you never know, he might leave you someday out of frustration.

Behave all weird when you go out on a dinner or party. Do not let your boyfriend talk to anyone, especially girls and if he talks to a girl, make a scene and blame him for flirting. Raise your voice until you get the attention of everyone present around. This whole act will embarrass your boyfriend a lot and he will be left with no other option than to dump you. It is a big fact that guys are more sensitive than girls when it comes to friendship.

And if you want to create disputes between you and your boyfriend, then disliking his friends, complaining about them and befriending them is one of the best ways to do it.

Whenever your boyfriend comes up with a plan, tell him you are busy and have other plans. If he still insist, tell him you need your own space and want to spend some time alone away from him. This will give him a clue that you are no more interested in him and will help you to get dumped. Try these seasoned ways to get your boyfriend to dump you. Even if you use one tactic, you are already on the way to wrecking your relationship. Try yourself and let us know how it worked out for you!

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How to sabotage your relationship and get them to break up with you instead

My name is Jeanette. Several months ago I became involved with a married man, Carlton. We both decided to divorce our spouses and be together.

We fell in love in a beautiful place the setting was perfect. I have discovered that I do not want to leave my husband, Bill. Bill and i have been married for so many years that he is comfortable to me.


Besides, Bill would never cheat on me or hurt me in any manner. I miss Bill. Bill is not in good health and I want to spend our remaining time together.