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Help for single mothers in phoenix az, Single liked searching for who phoenixes mothers

Mothers must be willing and able to work full-time. The Bridge to Hope offers each mother training in skills needed to maintain a full-time job and establish a savingswhich are essential to financial independence.

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TANF is a government program that provides cash benefits for emergency situations.

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Financial assistance for single mothers in arizona

DES provides a variety of workforce services and child care assistance. For more information, please visit the Arizona's Back to Work program.

When someone becomes a parent, they often are filled with an overwhelming desire to give their child everything they possibly can. However, many parents struggle on a daily basis just to provide basic needs for their children. In the beginning ofthe single mother of a 2-and-a-half-year-old was in survival mode, trying to provide for her daughter, herself and her mother without stable employment.

Nairn and her daughter had just relocated from Phoenix to Cottonwood to live with her mother. She was optimistic that they would settle in nicely, but quickly learned that the Cottonwood job market was a less-than-flourishing labor force than she had expected. Nairn spent a brief time working at a fast food restaurant, then left for what was promised to her to be a more profitable, full-time job.

The new gig proved not to be what it was advertised.

Nairn was only given about nine hours a week on average. Defeated and unable to support herself and her daughter, Nairn sought assistance from DES. She received temporary cash, food, and child care assistance so that her daughter was cared for while she pursued full-time work. The assistance provided Nairn and her family the support needed to take care of their basic needs during a difficult time.

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The cash and food assistance benefits came just in time to help Nairn and her family when they needed it most. Child care assistance was also approved quickly enough to prevent her daughter from having to change child care centers or be removed from child care completely. Nairn continued her fight to provide a better life for herself and her little girl. She and her daughter returned to Phoenix after she accepted a great job with a promising future.

Des services help single mom in need - just in time for the holidays

She proudly explained that since she was able to achieve self-sufficiency, she no longer needed assistance from DES. Now with a lot of hard work and gainful, full-time employment, she is living comfortably with her daughter. The weight of surviving is off her shoulders and she looks forward to enjoying the holidays with her family. For help with child care, please visit our child care web. Voter Registration.

Persons that require a reasonable modification based on language or disability should submit a request as early as possible to ensure the State has an opportunity to address the modification. The process for requesting a reasonable modification can be found at Equal Opportunity and Reasonable Modification.

Arizona Department of Economic Security.

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