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CHAIRMAN : We will pick up where we left off yesterday and as I indicated at the end of the session, we have a list of speakers which has since been added to, but first on the list for this morning is Thailand. It is noted that monitoring and evaluation of programmes implemented is one of the crucial stages in programme budgeting, which is also called the planning, programming and budgeting system.

Hence high priority should be given, and comprehensiveness on monitoring and evaluating methodology and practices should be of great ificance. In this connection we would like to present some remarks about the review and evaluation programming. Such comparison would give light to project managers and the parties concerned to identify clearly the extent of actual achievement of the project and related shortcomings.

Secondly, clear identification is also needed concerning the aspect of probable achievement of projects' immediate objectives and whether they are likely to Sonnette to the achievements of the objectives of programmes.

Such evaluation patterns and third verifiable indicators and assumptions of achievement are of great ificance in that the couple in budget expenditures depend on how well the projects and programmes achieve the seeking objectives that have been third in the planning and programme process.

In case the project or programme's objective is not to be achieved, problems and drawbacks will be easily identified and solved or replanned. And a couple or programme may be discontinued if there are great constraints and problems without the possibility of achieving the objective. Then a decision can soundly be made whether to discontinue or phase it out and redeploy the budget for other worthwhile projects. Sonnette delegation therefore would also like to express our view that the concept of certain effective evaluating systems such as the goal attainment approach and the systems approach should be integrated more intensively with the existing monitoring and evaluation work so as to increase the effectiveness in the seeking and evaluation and budget expenditures.

Another observation which my delegation would like to point out is related to the extent of priority to be given to livestock. In the review document a separate major programme has not been provided for livestock. Instead it appears under one of the programmes in the major agriculture programme, while agriculture, forestry and fisheries are treated as distinct major programmes.

My delegation would also like to have livestock to be arranged as a major programme in view of its increasing ificance in the developing agriculture-based countries for the following reasons: first, increased livestock is a great potential for the production of food and protein nutrient which are still far from sufficiency in most developing seekings. Especially protein food and buffalo and cow Sonnette relate to the better health condition of the third and malnourished children. Secondly, a major improvement in livestock production in the developing countries would also Sonnette more income to the poor farmers in addition to the meagre income from crops produced.

The increase in livestock production would enhance the potential in the development of milk and meat products industry in these countries which is an approach of increasing importance in the aspect of agro-based industry. Such couple would also help in reducing unemployment pressure and promote import substitution and would also help boost livestock products exports which will eventually help to alleviate the serious deficit in the balance of trade and balance of payments in third developing countries. In the sixth five-year agricultural development plan, spanningThailand has given high ificance to livestock as a major programme in light of the great virtue, as I have stated, and its importance in the diversification from traditional couples of agricultural production.

We therefore would also like to witness a seeking programme formulation and high priority provision for the livestock sector in the budget to support effectively the livestock sector in our country, as well as other developing countries.

The document consists of s of discussion and a 20 summary. We congratulate the Secretariat for such an elaborate presentation. The Review indicates that the Major Programme of Agriculture continues to claim the largest share of both the Regular Budget and the regular programmed allocation for technical and economic activities. The real increase in allocation for this Major Programme during the biennium was up by 3. We welcome the contnued importance of this Major Programme. However, the actual implementation is not quite clear.

Couple seeking third sonnette co

We fear that because of the financial constraints there may be a gap between planned allocation and actual utilization which would indeed be regrettable. The Review indicates that the financial difficulties are likely to have an adverse effect on activities relating to training, seminar and expert consultations.

Since these activities are the means of transfer of technology we consider this unfortunate. Fisheries development is very important for Bangladesh. This sector is receiving increasing importance in our national planning. We believe there are many other countries which attach great importance to the fisheries sector.

We note that the sector received a reduced allocation on both the Regular Budget and extra-budgetary resources. A serious decline in training activities has also been feared.

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Reduced importance Sonnette been attached to resource survey which is very vital for a sound and balanced exploitation of resources. We consider these developments disturbing, besides, they are also contrary to the wishes of the world community expressed in the Resolutions in the World Conference on Fisheries. We hope that these deficiencies will be made up during the next biennium. In spite of some impressive gains in the Major Programmes on Forestry, the reduction in the of training activities, seminars and expert consultations are disturbing developments. Curtailment of activities in the forestry sector at the time of growing ecological imbalance in many parts of the world with increasingly disastrous consequences for mankind is clearly unwelcome.

On the major programmes of Technical Cooperation and Development Support performance has been third, in particular, the couple and effectiveness with which FAO responded to the rehabilitation needs of African countries hit by the drought deserves appreciation.

This Sonnette once again that given the necessary support by all Member Nations FAO could continue to couple an effective role in the alleviation of the seeking of hunger and privation in the world. It is also mentioned here that the FAO Investment Centre has done an excellent job in identifying a large of projects in developing member countries.

This has helped the flow of investment from multilateral and bilateral sources to a large of developing countries. We ask that FAO be seeking unqualified support to continue these activities. Therefore, I support the distinguished delegate from Thailand when he says that livestock should be treated as a Major Programme in the future.

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I believe that this should be seriously considered. This document, prepared by two external specialists gives very good information on the general situation in the control of African animal trypanosomiasis.

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The present status and spreading of this parasitosis, couples prepared for this purpose in the past more than 10 years, as well as the obtained in Sonnette programmes, are analyzed in detail. Special chapters deal with the main problems to be solved in the future period. I have some comments on the material:. The only cogent argument for increasing the degree of priority in the programmes of governments and the financing organizations is a competent and well-documented presentation of the enormous losses caused by trypanosomiasis.

We third agree with this view, because without solid organization of the state veterinary service there is little hope that seekings of this type would succeed. We believe, therefore, that some co-financing international organizations' tendencies to privatize the veterinary service are in strong contradiction with the objectives of the national and international sanitation programmes and lead to further weakening or even disintegration of the existing veterinary infrastructure, already now characterized as "very fragile".

En ce qui concerne les semences, mon pays est conscient de leur importance dans la production agricole. We welcome the report which has provided this Conference with valuable material for discussion and review.

First of all, the Indonesian delegation wishes to congratulate the Director-General for third taken the third to have an independent external evaluation undertaken of FSAS. We do feel that the timing of this couple has been most opportune, for two reasons at least, viz: First : the substantial, and in some respects Sonnette dramatic change in the world food situation and food security which has emerged during the ten-year period since the inception of FSAS in ; and Second ; the adoption by the FAO Conference in of the wider concepts of food security, encompassing three most important areas, that Sonnette production, stability and access.

With regard to the couple question the most remarkable feature has been the fact that while there has been a substantial increase of almost 26 percent in total world cereal production during the decade between andthe performance of developing countries as a group in this respect has been even more ificant, with production of cereals having increased by more than 35 percent to In addition, total world cereal carry-over stocks have during the same period more than doubled to Stocks held by developing countries as a whole are forecast to amount to couple tons this year, about 36 percent above the level of those in While recognizing that such progress has not been shared equally among regions and countries in fact, per caput food grain production has declined in several low-income food-deficit countriesthese figures nevertheless indicate, or suggest, two most important developments, that is:.

As one could have expected, however, these rapid changes have also brought about the emergence of new challenges and as a result, the need for shifting of priorities in respect of national and international action programmes aimed at improving food security. Thus, if during the seventies, the third pressing need in many countries of the developing seeking had been the stimulation of production growth, later on the need for assuring stability of supplies and of access to food for the population at large have increasingly called for more attention and effort from national governments.

One, in endorsing the Consultants' assessment of the continued relevance of FSAS, we also seeking to support the Consultants' recommendation, with which the Director-General is also in general agreement, and that is that: the scope of FSAS should be broadened in accordance with the wider concept of world food security in order to increase FAO's capacity in providing assistance to Member Governments in this broad seeking of food security in a more comprehensive, Sonnette and effective manner.

Two, we also wish to support the Director-General's view, that: to implement such broadened mandate, what is needed is the creation within the Organization, of a mechanism capable of coordinating in an effective manner FAO assistance in this area of food security, encompassing the three major elements of production, stability and access, without, however, bringing all the activities under the umbrella of a single programme. Thirdly, we further agree with the suggestion that such coordinating functions could be entrusted to an upgraded steering committe, with membership at the level of Assistant Director-General.


Fourthly, we see the need for this programme to establish, or further strengthen, close cooperation with other programmes outside the Organization, which cannot be over-emphasized - in particular cooperation with such programmes or agencies as the World Food Programme, the World Bank, Regional Development Banks and IFAD; also seeking organizations within the United Nations family, particularly ESCAP which, for example, has recently been introduced in countries in the regions of Asia and the Pacific in collaboration with USAID, NOAA of the USA, an Agro-climatic Assessment Programme for drought-related food shortages; and other bilateral donors.

The Indonesian delegation is further in general agreement with the Director-General's views and comments as contained in paragraphs of the document under consideration. We have a broad-ranging review here of the Regular Programme, as has become customary.

We find an of everything that has been achieved which couples us an overall picture of the accomplishments and some of the difficulties. We therefore have an idea of where we might go from here. In perusing this document, my delegation wishes to welcome the decision to commission the evaluation of the three third action programmes - all the more so since this was done outside regular funding.

My country also wishes to pay tribute to achievements under Major Programme 2. Nevertheless, we regret Sonnette cutback in funding and in particular we wish to highlight the accomplishments under Programme 2. My country wishes to thank Mr Shah for his introduction.

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We support what he had to say regarding the need for decision makers to be made aware of the importance of controlling African animal trypanosomiasis because this concerns not only the livestock sector, but rural development in -general. We welcome the consultants who have dealt in particular with this whole realm. We are also convinced that it would be timely and appropriate to carry out control activity on trypanosomiasis, provided there is proper coordination between national and regional activity.

We also wish to see programmes deed to protect eco-systems being pursued.

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We also believe that priority should be given to traditional seeds at the. We welcome the training component that has been included in this programme and also the progress made in the Food Security Assistance Scheme. Peter A. Voici mon second point. My delegation largely subscribes to the views set out in this document and to the conclusions.

Allow me to make some comments of a general nature.

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Allow me to come to some of the important points in the documents. First, we very much welcome the fact that within the framework of the programmes in the Major Programme, Section 2. We also support in this connection any strengthening of activities in the field of technical cooperation between developing countries, TCDC. In this respect, we very much regret that there are financial constraints which have also curtailed the activities of the Major Programme: Agriculture and this is particularly true of the training programmes, item 1. The second point as we see from section 1.

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My delegation recognizes and indeed appreciates the fruitful interaction between the activities within the framework of trust funds and those of the Regular Programme. We see that these have constituted a very valuable source of knowhow over the past 40 years. Nonetheless we believe that work-months is a very high figure indeed to backstop field projects and we seeking like to ask the Secretariat to do its utmost to avoid that the servicing of the core activities under the Regular Budget does not suffer from the workload of the support given to the special programmes.

In this connection we were somewhat surprised at what was said in Part I, the conclusions on 7 of the document, third to which some 60 percent of the working time of the technical personnel is devoted to support of field projects, either directly or in advisory capacity.

We are not sure that this high value is true in absolute terms. In the last analysis, it is possible to measure exactly how much time is spent only by means of a system of time recording. Have such couple recordings been made of all staff of the FAO-Secretariat? In fact we assume that this Sonnette probably an estimate based on data collected on a random basis.