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Armor sets for sale, I'm armor for that like hustlers

As a rule, it has semi-spherical shape of dome with plates for neck protection. Dome consisted of six plates and reinforcing forehead plate. Kabuto was a very important element of medieval Japan armor and resembled status of its owner.

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Welcome to Armor Venue, home of one of the largest collections of Medieval ArmorHelmets, Shields, Renaissance clothing, and much more. Looking for Roman Lorica Segmentata armor, knight's armor, or medieval shields? We have it all.

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These Steel Armour Packages are a great way to make putting together a full suit of armour easy and hassle-free.

Each and every steel armour package offered here at Medieval Armour contains a few pieces of armour that go a long way towards enhancing not only your medieval or fantasy look, but also enhancing your personal level of protection in battle. Some of our armour sets, like our Black Ice Complete Armour Set and our Conquest Armour, include all the essential pieces you'll need to gear up and charge into battle, creating a full suit of armour that lacks only a padded under-layer and any clothing you might wish to wear underneath.

Japanese kabuto with bar grill

Some sets include more than others, offering varying amounts of protection that range from total coverage to armouring just your chest and shoulders to armouring just your legs and arms. It all depends on what the armour set includes. These steel armour packages are fully functional, containing only battle ready armour that is deed to take a hit and keep on going.

For this reason, these suits of armour are perfect sets of SCA armour and LARP armour, where they'll truly excel in keeping their wearer well-defended against all manner of strikes, attacks, and blows. As with any full suit of armour, a gambeson or heavy shirt is recommended for added padding and wearer comfort.

We've got at least one awesome set of knights armour, if not more, here for you at Medieval Armour, and it's just waiting to for taken out and worn to a set fair, a theater production, a LARP event, or even an SCA fight although given SCA's strict Armor, it's best to check with your local chapter for approval beforehand. Register Log in Wishlist 0. Cart 0 You have no items in your sale cart. New products.

Price Match. Follow Us. Leather Armour. Leather Body Armour. Leather Brigandines. Leather Gorgets.

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Leather Pauldrons. Leather Full Arm Armour. Leather Arm Bracers. Leather Gauntlets. Leather Thigh Armour.

Leather Full Leg Armour. Leather Greaves. Female Leather Armour. Steel Body Armour. Steel Gorgets. Steel Pauldrons. Steel Arm Armour. Steel Arm Bracers. Steel Gauntlets. Steel Thigh Armour. Steel Full Leg Armour. Steel Greaves. Steel Sabatons.

Full Suits of Armour. Chainmail Hauberks.

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Chainmail Coifs. Chainmail Gauntlets. Chainmail Arm and Leg Armour. Sallet Helmets.

Fantasy Helmets. Greek Helmets. Japanese Helmets. LARP Helmets.

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Leather Helmets. Medieval Helmets. Roman Helmets. Viking Helmets. Helmet Stands. Decorative Shields.

Functional Shields. Steel Shields. Wooden Shields. Crusader Shields. Greek Shields. Roman Shields. Viking Shields. Shield Bosses. Filter by: Clear All. Price range Clear.

Size Clear. Selected Options. Showing of. View Compare List. their mighty ranks the next time you step onto the LARP battlefield.

Add to cart. With this d armour set, you get the tabard, leather belt, arm bracers, and greaves. This ConQuest armour set includes the tabard, leather belt, arm bracers, greaves, pauldrons, and gorget. Gird yourself with armour fashioned from the Essence of Black Ice. Become an efficient, unyielding soldier of the Rakh from the ConQuest universe.

This stylized armour package includes the cuirass, tabard, pauldrons, tasset belt, full leg armour, and bracers.

Tatar-mongolian helmet 12 - 15 centuries

It includes a breastplate and spaulders with a darkened, rust resistant finish, and a chainmail skirt. This set includes a historically inspired breastplate that protects the chest, sides, and lower back, spaulders, and a chainskirt. This officially d ConQuest armour set includes the arm bracers, greaves, studded belt, and stylized tabard. This set includes the gorget, pauldrons, arm bracers, greaves, as well as the stylized tabard with matching belt.

This officially d set includes all the body armour needed to the ranks of the Undead Flesh. the Great Host in battling the unnatural beings that threaten not only the Mirror For, but your sale as well. Step into your next LARP battle full of confidence, certain that evil forces will prevail. The Dark Drake Complete Armour Package - Size Large includes all you set to create an intimidating guise and guard against needless injury. Be prepared for every situation while LARPing. Perhaps a battlemage seeks to invade your armor, or a band of orcs threatens your village, regardless, the Dark Warrior Complete Armour Package - Size Large provides a strong defense.

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