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Please check the Class Schedule or contact the program for specific course availability for each semester. Introduces students to the manifestation, etiology, assessment, and treatment of mental disorders. Special attention is paid to how racial, cultural, gender and other socio-cultural variables influence the manifestation Any psychopathology. Discussion of the uses of DSM in the assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders will be emphasized. This course is deed to empower educators and clinicians to provide culturally-competent, evidence-based care for transgender, non-binary, and intersex communities.

In particular, we will discuss issues of gender minority stigma, mental health, and resilience. Microaggressions in Institutional Climates: Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation is aimed at presenting cutting-edge research and perspectives on the manifestation, psychological dynamics, impact of microaggressions on the well-being of marginalized colleges, and how they are manifested in organizations health care agencies, educational institutions, and places of employment.

Special challenges and solutions for individual and organizational change will be the focus of the course. Limiting aspects of the major physical and emotional disabilities. Understanding and using medical knowledge in rehabilitation counseling. Approaches to counseling; theories and 5060 findings; educational, vocational, and personal counseling; typical problems; illustrative cases.

The course is particularly geared towards educational practitioners and other professionals who use data from assessments to horney their day-to-day practices or for research. Emphasis on the factors that influence the familial and intrapsychic issues of women. The integration of theories provides a framework for understanding the women of women's development for counseling and psychotherapy.

This course will focus on gaining knowledge of the diverse demographic make-up of Latinos, including multiple races, ethnicities, cultures, values, beliefs, traditions, social classes, and reasons for immigration. Students will learn the psychosocial issues impacting Latinos in the US and culturally linked factors known to influence the therapeutic treatment process, including immigration, racism, poverty, and acculturation. The course will also cover the recent counseling research on culturally relevant psychological assessment instruments and empirically supported treatments for Latinos.

Principles and practices in the guidance of children and adolescents examined from a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective with special emphasis on facilitating developmental processes of school, family, and community contexts.

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Community services and programs in family and personal counseling, health and child care, mental health, career counseling, job placement, and service to the aged. The woman of this course is to introduce some of the major issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity and how these issues historically and presently interact with psychological horney educational topics. This course will examine factors impacting individuals 5060 identify Any lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer LGBTQ and explore the potential role of mental health and educational professionals, teachers, and researchers in working with this population.

Professional orientation for Ed. Ethics and professional issues; employment opportunities and work settings masters only. An college national conference where top leaders in education and psychology share their expertise. A review of the debate on the influence of race and racism on education, mental health, and other social sciences. Introduction of current theoretical and research developments which explore the influence and role of racial identity black and white in individual development and professional practice.

Prerequisite: Admission into the Ed. Students will explore the functions of group counseling in meeting client needs. Emphasis will be placed on theory and principles of group process and on the development of group skills through participation in class role-plays and in a group counseling experience.

Attention to the practice of 5060 group leadership will also be addressed. The course is deed to provide an overview of the basic principles, theories, issues and practices in the field of psychological testing. Tests of both cognitive and woman functioning will be included, college emphasis on identification of both problems and strengths.

Open only to doctoral students in Counseling Psychology. Students will explore a range of contemporary issues in testing and will also receive supervised testing experience in Any hospital or clinic. This course is offered in the spring only for the students who have completed CCPJ General concepts of career development and methods of assessment in career counseling. This course also highlights various issues horney to the career development of diverse client populations in light of contemporary socio-political phenomena.

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Personality theory and physical disabilities. Personality and environmental variables in the adjustment and rehabilitation process. Open to majors in counseling and clinical psychology and to others with appropriate backgrounds. The course focuses on the relationship between self and system. Integrative theory models based on systemic thinking are explored. Family systems approaches relevant to working with individual adults, children, couples, and families are studied.

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Illustrative cases are presented and discussed. Theory and research on the psychological development of women and men. Focus on intellectual, psychosocial, moral, and vocational development with attention to the needs of special student groups and to the campus context and climate.

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Institutional structures and responses. Issues for counseling and education. This course will provide an overview of major evaluation models and social research methods useful in deing evaluations of programs, policies, services, institutions, and products, such as educational curricula. The course is intended for researchers, graduate students, counselors, and educational administrators preparing for professional careers in which a major responsibility will be to appraise and use of evaluations for various kinds of decision-making.

A main aim of the course is to develop critical consumers of evaluation research.

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Introduces students to a range of approaches used in psychology and other disciplines for developing therapeutic interventions across diverse racial, cultural, and linguistic groups. Examination of culturally indigenous perspectives of and approaches to mental health and healing. Introduction to culturally based counseling methods. Permission and application required. Prerequisites: Admission into the Ed. An advanced experiential skill-oriented and didactic course with limited enrollment 30 intended to provide insights into the racial, social, and cultural factors in the development of relationships in counseling.

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The course uses a minimum competence model focused on self-exploration and the use of counseling skills. Limited to second-year students in Ed. Required: Written application by the last Wednesday in September for spring and summer and by the first Wednesday in February for fall and permission of the instructor.

Supervised experience in various types of social agencies, rehabilitation agencies, career counseling centers, business establishments, educational institutions, and facilities serving the elderly. Normally a minimum of two semesters is required at 2 points per term. Additional points of credit may be added only with the approval of the instructor.

Normally, a minimum of two semesters is required at 2 points per term. Limited enrollment. Required: Written application by April 15 and permission of the instructor.

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Limited to second-year students 30 or more points admitted to the Ed. Students work with clients of the Dean Hope Center. Class meets in Dean Hope Center.

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Permission required. Experience in practicum supervision and related teaching activities under the guidance of a faculty member. Enrollment not limited to one term. Prerequisite: For majors section, admission into the Ed. A laboratory experience for counselors and others in the helping professions.

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Practice in clarifying, understanding, and responding to personal communications. Graduated exercises and videotapes are used to develop counseling and interviewing skills and desirable counselor attitudes. Limited Enrollment. Continuing laboratory experience for helping professionals in further development of basic counseling skills with emphasis on increasing one's self-awareness and self-reflective ability. Exploring assets and defenses that may facilitate or hinder therapeutic transactions.

Required of and limited to doctoral candidates in counseling psychology. Exploration of theoretical and methodological approaches in counseling psychology. Limited to advanced students in the Ed. Registration not limited to one semester. Open only to doctoral students in counseling psychology. Permission required and enrollment limited.

Exposure to discussion of individual work with clients under supervision on a range of issues and problems and Case Conference attendance. Personal, social, relationship, educational, and vocational adjustment and developmental focus. Students seeing clients should register for 2 credits in Fall and 2 credits in Spring -- those without clients register for 0 credits in Fall and 0 in Spring. Year-long placement in a field-setting for clinical experience. Required for doctoral students. Students petition to be placed into a supervised two-day-a-week training site and see individual and group counselors.

For students to be eligible for externship they need to have completed at least two years of coursework and three years of practicum. Externships involve students applying to affiliated programs i.

We require students to be on site for at least two days a week for eight to ten months, that the students be supervised by a d psychologist, and that the students be trained in individual and group modes of service delivery. For advanced doctoral candidates in counseling psychology. Students register for 2 credits in Fall and 2 credits in Spring unless enrolled in an approved concurrent practicum experience in which they may enroll for 1 credit per semester.

Students must submit written application by the midterm date of the preceding semester.

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Limited to advanced students with appropriate backgrounds in group work. Students will practice group counseling skills in selective settings.