About Fortnite


A third person action game that focuses on cooperative gameplay. It was developed by the Polish division of epic games (previously known as People Can Fly). Fortnite action takes place in a world haunted by zombie demons. Players assume the role of operators whose task is to stop the monsters invading Earth through a network of portals.



The gameplay is divided into two stages – during the day, we must build a fortress to withstand the attacks of demons at night. The gameplay involves mainly searching for materials, building fortifications and fighting enemies.

The game is distributed in the free business model, offering some additional facilities for the optional fee.

A capital choice, which can make the difference between a chicken and yogurt dinner and a poppy donut. We didn’t go crazy, but we addressed those who play Fortnite and Players Unknowns Battleground. From now on, also on mobile.

So two of the most popular games in the universe, Fortnite and PlayerUnknownsBattleground have mobile versions now.

With launch almost simultaneously on all the planets of our galaxy. Let’s start with the beginning.

Android & iOS

Fortnite is also available on Android and iOS, free of charge and can be downloaded by anyone. But for now, to play it, you need an invitation that you can request from the developer site.

The last one left in life wins. Now, for a game brought from computers and consoles to mobile phones, Fortnite is moving incredibly well.

The buttons are set intuitively and you do not feel any handicap when playing it on your mobile. PUBG The show is also in PUBG.

Which moves better on an iPhone 7 than on a 1000 euro PC. It is clear that from the beginning, we have on mobile phones one of the best games ever made and one that makes the most of the power of the devices in our pockets.

And let’s start by complimenting them on how they organized the buttons on the screen. There are shortcuts to life-saving items, as well as a system of automatic lifting of weapons and tools that help in combat.

It works even faster than the PC version. Then, to make you feel like a true professional, the weapon targets the enemy only, but the shooting decision still belongs to you. There are also 100 players in the game, and the map is similar to the original version. And if you think you’re good at this game, you’re wrong.

Most of the 100 are so far, that is, they are not real players. Also you can get some free v bucks from our website.

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