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How To Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite 2019

If you are an experienced player of Fortnite, then you already know the value of the v bucks and skins. V Bucks and Skins are the most important thing in the Fortnite. Skins help you to looks better, and at the same time helps you to move to the next level in the game. And on the other hand, V Bucks help you to buy a different type of chests and give you a big discount on in-game purchases like skins, weapons, etc.

Well enough about the V Bucks and Skins, when let come to the main point, how to get them. As is the old member of Fortnite game, and a lot of experience with Game and various tools related to gave I can describe you various ways you can get the V Bucks.

1st Organic Way

As the name suggested, it’s the most common way to get the v bucks and skins. All you require to do is play the game for long hours, and in return, you earn the Free V BUCKS and Skins in this process. Which will help you further move ahead in the game? Well if you have plenty of time and patience, then this is the best way for you..

2nd With Real Cash:

As same suggest, you can buy the V Bucks and Skins using real cash, just visit the online Fortnite store and select the how many V bucks or Skins you want to buy and provide the payment information. You good to go, all required V Bucks and skins will immediately add to your account. Well, this is the most convenient way to get the V Bucks and Skins if you have a lot of money. Well, Game developer and Tester love this way because developing, testing and keep running the game server requires a lot of money.

And as you know Fortnite is free to download, so the only way for them to earn money is to sell the V Bucks and Skins.


3rd Free V Bucks and Skins Generator(Recommended).

Well if you are looking for free v bucks, and doing your research on the internet, then you end up in the right place. All you require to do is, to press the “Fortnite Free V Bucks Generator” button. It will open a new Fortnite Free V Bucks Generator window, in which it will ask for the account name of your Fortnite account and number of V Bucks and Skins you want to generator. Then just press the Generate button. Then this will send the request to the Hack software on the server. Hack software will contact will the game server and Generator the V Bucks and Skins for your account by entering the game server using back down entry. Anyway enough with technicality. Well after Generating the V Bucks and Skins, it will ask you a few questions to verify, if you are human or bots(computer software) which trying to steal our V Bucks. So after verification, it will upload all the gems in your account.

Note:- Well after writing this blog, I’m getting a lot of question requiring, is my game account will be safe if I use your Generator? Well instead of answer everyone separately, I’m putting answer itself in the blog. And the answer is “NO,” Well if you don’t trust me, you can test it by using new account info. Just create a new account on Fortnite game, and use it to generate the V Bucks. If its work for your new account, it will surely work for you another account as well.

4th Fortnite Cheat Code

this is another popular way to get free v bucks and skins, but it’s a fake. Why? Well, I tried many cheat Code, and it never worked for me. Then I further dig down in it and find out, cheat codes are being generated by the game developer to test the game. Cheats code provides them enough V Bucks and Skins which make their game easy and they can test various test case without wasting a lot of time.

How come cheat code available for the public, well sometimes these cheat code got checked from stolen developer laptop or in some cases developer also leaked those cheat code to their friend where they further leaked to their friend and so on.


But why cheat code doesn’t work, as this is an old problem with a gaming company, as their cheats code got leaked much time. So to fix this problem, the gaming industry starts to make cheat code invalid every month and issue a new one to developer everyone. Well in case any cheat code gets leaked. Meanwhile, it reaches to the public, it will be invalid.

5th Fortnite Hack software. Some people claim that they have hack software which can provide you unlimited V Bucks and Skins, but be honest, I never come across of such kind of hack in recent year, in the old days, it was possible as most games were offline. But this day all games are online, so all information is stored in the gaming server, which is highly secured, and near to impossible to hack. So there is no chance to hack it.

Why hacks software available on the internet. Well, it’s a baiting gaming. Some people want to steal your personal information or want you do download their app so that they can earn money from selling add on the app. But these app or software ill never gives you free v bucks as it’s not possible.

Let’s talk little about Fortnite,

Well for the gamer who is new in this gaming world of Fortnite. Let me introduce your basic concept of the game in simple language.

Fortnite is currently, the world’s biggest game, originally inspired by PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrods, and then developing its vision on such games. Although many of the Fortnite tips and tricks can be easily applied to other games of the Battle Royale, like in PUBG, there are quite significant differences to be noticed and exploited, which will help you survive as much as possible.

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